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Personal note from Kim
Is anyone out there who can say that there's no inaccurate or harmful information about them on the Internet? Guess I hit the jackpot given the circumstances of my story. 
Result: When a story is swept under a rug, or if someone or something is made to look unreasonable in the media, then a story is more likely to get disregarded.
I did not have a PR person, but someone or some organization did.  
The most obvious misreports are from Spring 2010. Numerous articles appeared on the web with misinformation including references that the New Zealand case had concluded. Coincidentally, these articles appeared on the web just days before I had to fly Miami/New Zealand for a hearing. 
There's a plethora of misinformation out there. It's overwhelming.
I give notice that other than -
1. This website;
2. My Linkedin profile, and
other media articles are inaccurate, misleading or omit relevant details. 
Relevant queries may be brought to my attention via the Contact page. 

 * In May 2002, Kimberly2004.com was launched as a very different site. The objective was to be fundraising for Birkenfeld's Athens 2004 Olympic Campaign.