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Below: The 2004 video shows the Olympic race course near Athens.
Two years earlier, it was on the same waters where Birkenfeld was run over by the NZ Olympic Team powerboat at the 2002 Olympic Test Event.


Video: Athens 2004 Olympics - Men's Windsurfing
Result: Athlete Gal Fridman wins Israel's first-ever Olympic gold medal.
(Fridman and 60 other athletes were present at the 2002 race when US athlete Birkenfeld suffered near-decapatation.
Unfortunately, no athlete made a statement to the police.)
Gal Fridman celebrates his win in the 2004 Olympics.

The above 7-minute video is part of a 25-minute documentary "Israel's Road to Gold" by SassVideo.



 * In May 2002, Kimberly2004.com was launched as a very different site. The objective was to be fundraising for Birkenfeld's Athens 2004 Olympic Campaign.